"O.M.T. Entrepreneurs & Toll Tax Operator"

Business Verticals

Toll Tax Contracting

M/s Ajay Construction
Ayushajay Construction Pvt Ltd
M/s DEP Tolls LLP

The Ayushajay Group, since its inception has always been actively involved in Toll Contracting. With an experience of over EIGHT DECADES, the group still grows strong in this line of work.

Milestone Projects:

Collection of Toll Tax on Khalghat Bridge on A. B. Road N.H.-3 1930 &1981
Collection of Toll Tax on Mortakka Bridge on Indore Khandwa Road 1943 & 1981
Collection of Toll Tax on Khari River on Ajmer Bhilwara Road, Rajasthan 1988
Collection of Toll Tax on Chulband Bridge, Raipur Nagpur Road, NH-6 (Mah.) 1992
Collection of Toll Tax on Bakur River Bridge on B.O.T. Basis 1995
Collection of Toll Tax on Mount Abu Road, Sirohi Road, Rajasthan 1996
Collections of Toll Tax on Beduch River on Udaipur Chittor Road, Rajasthan 1996
Collection of 1st Four laning Road Toll Tax in between Amer to Kotputli On N.H.-8, Jaipur-New Delhi Section in Rajasthan, contract given by NHAI 1998
Collection of B.O.T. Toll Tax on Mumbai-Agra Km. 225 on N.H.-3 near Nardana in Dhule District in Maharashtra. 1999
Collection of Toll Tax on Sirohi-Mandar Road on B.O.T. basis taken Contract from private entrepreneur of Baroda. 2001
Collection of Toll Tax at Bamanbore Toll Plaza and Bagodara Toll Plaza on Ahmedabad-Kandla Road NH-8A  
Collection of Entry Toll from commercial vehicle at border points entering New Delhi 2016

O.M.T. and B.O.T. Contracts

SMSAABS India Tollways Pvt Ltd
Gorakhpur Kasia Tollways Pvt Ltd
Kochi Aroor Tollways Pvt Ltd

The group boasts to have pioneered in the BOT, Bridge Sector. In 1995, the Group finished its first BOT project which was located on Bakur River in MP. We have executed some more BOT projects over the years and have diversified into OMT projects. The list of works

Milestone B.O.T. Projects:

Construction of Bridge on Bakur River in Khandwa District, Madhya Pradesh on BOT Basis

Collection of Toll on R.O.B. and its approaches in K.M. 228/800 near village Nardana on Mumbai - Agra Road N.H.3 and strengthening the existing two lane pavement from Tapi Bridge at Dabhashi in Km 233/0 of NH-3 in Dhule Dist. Maharashtra

Current Projects:

  • Operation Maintenance & Transfer of Badhwah – Dhamnod Road (SH – 38)
  • Operation & Maintenance of Muzaffarpur-Darbhanga-Purnea section of NH-57 (km. 0.00 to km. 148.550 and km. 159.357 to km. 287.860) (total length 277.053 km.) and Toll Revenue Collection at km. 150.390 (BOT Annuity) section of NH-57 on OMT basis in the state of Bihar (Package No. 20/2013)
  • Operation and Maintenance of Gorakhpur – Kasia – UP/Bihar Border from Km 279.800 to Km 360.915 (New Km 285.002 to 366.117) of NH 28 (Total Length 81.115 Km) and Toll Revenue Collection of Toll Plaza at km 255.200 (New Ch. Km 256.500) (for BOT Annuity Section from Km 251.700 to 279.800 (New 252.860 to 285.000) of NH 28 in UP) – {PKG OMT – 27(A)
  • Operation and Maintenance of Edapally – Vytilla - Aroor Section of NH – 66 from km 342.000 to km. 358.750 in the state of Kerala on OMT basis

Financing and Investments

Ayushajay Stock Brokers


Our Group is actively involved in Money market & Stock Market activities. We are Registered member of National Stock Exchange of India and SEBI.

Real Estate

M/s Ayushajay Developers
Usha Connex Pvt Ltd
Yash Shree Real Estate & Trading Pvt Ltd

After the 2008 crisis, we thought it will be a great opportunity to get into the field of real estate as the prices were at an all time low. We have been actively involved in land trading and development since.


Ayushajay Motors

We have started the dealership of Multix vehicle which is a brand of Eicher Polaris Pvt Limited for Indore District. This is the newest venture of the group and we strive to expand in this field.